what is ringworm? How to cure this on face

Ringworm is one of the most common skin diseases that affects both children and adults. When it occurs in the face, it affects the cheeks, nose, around the eye, chin, and forehead. The early signs of ringworm may be, black or red scars on the skin with raised edges. It is accompanied with continuous itching and burning sensation which later forms blisters and may worsen when exposed to sun light. It is highly contagious and can be transmitted through direct contact and also by sharing infected items like clothes, shoes, watches etc.

Causes and Diagnoses

Ringworm is caused by fungal infection (Trichophyton Rubrum) on the surface of the skin, usually occurs in warm moist places where sweat prevails. It can be easily cured when diagnosed early.The most common method of diagnosis is by exposing the itchy area in UV light, the infected area glows when there is ringworm infection. It has to be treated early or it may spread all over the body and cause complications

How to cure

There are a lot of ways to cure ringworm.

Vinegar has anti-fungal properties so equal parts of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide mixed with lots of water can be applied to the infected area before bedtime, and also at other times for a speedy recovery.While apple cider vinegar can be directly used on the affected area to speed the healing process

Tea tree oil contains both anti-fungal and antiseptic agents which cures most of the skin infections. It can be applied directly on the affected area thrice a day. Make sure to apply the oil with the help of a cotton ball or a gauze, without direct skin contact on the affected area. Coconut oil, jojoba oil and lavender oil can be similarly used to get rid of ringworm fast at home.

Aloevera gel can be used for most of the skin problems including Ringworm infection. The extracted gel from aloevera can be directly used on the skin, left overnight and washed the next day till it is cured completely.

Fresh garlic can also be used. Minced or crushed garlic with olive oil can be directly applied on the affected skin and covered with adhesive or bandage for one or two hours and washed thoroughly.

Anti-fungal creams:

Anti-fungal creams can be used for immediate recovery. Phytozine is the best anti-fungal ringworm creams available. It has a blend of organic elements, Minerals, glycerin, Tolnaftate etc.

Though there are a lot of topical creams available on the shelf and in pharmacies, Phytozine is the one which is specifically formulated to cure ringworm infections and to prevent infections spreading to other adjacent areas. It can be easily bought over the counter and is safe and easy to use. Phytozine can also be used on all types of skin and also on pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.


Keeping skin dry and clean, wearing breathable fabric during warm and humid weather, avoiding shared personal items, not touching face when affected with facial ringworm, not walking barefoot are some of the ways to prevent ringworm infections.

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