How Many Days Does Ringworm Last After Applying Phytozine

Ringworm is a fungus that attacks the skin making it appear as a red inflamed ring bearing grey scales with patches. Ringworm infection can affect any person, anytime at non-specific age and is unavoidable. Advancement in research has been of great help because it has lead to the discovery of creams that has made ringworm treatment very easy.

Ringworm infection can be noted through regular scratching and irritation. Poor personal hygiene can cause the spread of ringworm infection to those who are around you. The spread might occur by sharing of the towel, cloth, handkerchief etc. fungus causing ringworm infection is depended on the body area that is infected. For example, the fungus Tinea corporis which infects waist, armpit, skin, neck, pubic parts, and hands.

Ways getting infected with ringworms

There are various ways through which one can get infected with ringworms as follows;

When people share clothes, towels etc.Through children coming into contact with infected pet animals accidentally.By getting into contact with soil fungus or touching objects that are contaminated with fungus.The following are possible symptoms for ringworm infection - Small patches on the skin, Inflamed red ring on the skin, Rashes which are irritating on the skin, Itching rashes on the skin.

Treatment of ringworm infection

Treatment of ringworm infection is done simply in an effective way using ringworm antifungal creams. These ringworm creams are readily available in the market. Examples of ringworm creams are; Phytozine, Miconazole, Terbinafine, Ketoconazole, Clotrimazole etc.

For the ringworm cream treatment to be effective, the steps that follow must be considered;

Read the guidelines given on how to use the cream so that your application is done in the right way.The ringworm cream should be applied 4-6cm around the infected area of the skin to minimize the spread of the rashes.Application of the ringworm cream has to continue until all the patches have disappeared completely to avoid re-infection of the infection.

how many days does ringworm last

How many days does ringworm last

The question of how many days does ringworm last depends on the state of ringworm infection. For contagious ringworm infection, it takes a maximum of 48 hours to make it non-contagious through treatment. To clear the infection it takes up to 3-4 weeks. Again how many days does ringworm last may be determined by application of antifungal non-prescribed medication like Mecatin and Lamisil which is applied two times a day and it eliminates the infection with a short period.

Since the creams are the best treatment for ringworm infection, let as look at one of the creams and the way it works;


A complete topical ointment that gets rid of the infection within the shortest time and it is very effective than other creams. It contains tolnaftate that is capable of killing all fungal agents. This ingredient is a fungicide having antiviral features and FDA approved for the treatment of ringworm. It does not just get rid of the infection but this is done effectively and fast.

Prevention of ringworm infection

Avoid sharing of the following;

Clothes, Combs,Towels, Handkerchiefs, Beddings, Brush, Personal hygiene is important.

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